The Thunder from Down Under Male Revue
 (Atlantic City, NJ Male Revue) @ Trump Marina
Thunder from Down Under Male Revue  
( Atlantic City Male Revue, New Jersey Male Revue)
The men from Australia had launched their initial show in Las Vegas complete with breath taking acobatics but for some reason, this Atlantic City Male Revue carries the same production calibur but without the proper talent to truly make it work.
The Show
June 2008
The Thunder is heard but not seen in this half hearted spin off of what originally had taken America by storm. Performing in one of Atlantic City's hotel theaters, our review staff was shocked to find only 25 girls in attendance by showtime. Our most recent review was on June 16th 2008. As our reviewers sat in this desolate and chilly theater they quickly came to realize why Elvis had left the building. The cheoreography was out of sync as well as some of the performers attitudes. Not only was the energy level off but so were some of our reviewers, who's phrase for the evening became,
"Ok, so what's next."
The Thunder from Down Unders no tipping policy sounds like a girls dream come true, but along with no tipping comes no attention or motivation unless you are a hot red head with lots of exposed cleavage.

"Check please." Thunder from Down Under's Atlantic City Male Revue is said to be closing sometime in July. With lackluster attendance and unpolished talent this Atlantic City Male Revue has had its time in the sun.